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Department of Chemistry Physical Division

Course Requirements

Department of Chemistry Course Requirements

The Department of Chemistry requires all Ph.D. students to complete 28 semester hours of graded (A-F) coursework beyond the bachelor’s degree. Up to 9 semester hours of the requirement may be selected from non-graduate (300 or 400 level) courses not previously taken by the student. Graded seminar courses numbered 500 or above also meet the requirement. The Graduate School further requires students to complete 44 additional credit hours of non-graded (Pass/Satisfactory/Fail/Unsatisfactory) course work. Non-graded coursework includes the credit granted for doctoral research.

The chemistry department also requires that all students enroll for 1 credit of Chem 590 (Introduction to Research Topics) in their first fall semester.

In order to serve as Teaching Assistants, graduate students are also required to complete 1 credit of Chem 555 – Teaching Workshop.

Physical Chemistry Division Requirements

The Physical Chemistry division requires students to complete:
Chem 509 – Chemical Group Theory

Chem 531 – Advanced Physical Chemistry I (Thermodynamics)

Chem 532 – Advanced Physical Chemistry II (Quantum Mechanics)

Chem 534 – Statistical Mechanics

Chem 564 – Molecular Phenomena (Spectroscopy)

These above five courses constitute the core knowledge in physical chemistry that will be tested in the qualifying examinations.

Physical Chemistry Electives

Chem 501 – Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Chem 537 – Current Topics in Physical Chemistry

Chem 430 – Applied Spectroscopy

Chem 480 – Solid State Chemistry

Chem 593, Seminar in Physical Chemistry, is a graded student seminar course designed to provide students the opportunity to develop speaking and presentation skills in research areas of interest to them. After their first year, students should register for credit each semester (for a maximum of 6 times) and will deliver one 20 minute and one 45 minute seminar each year. Attendance is mandatory for all physical chemistry students. First year students should also enroll in Chem 490, which is a mathematics for physical chemistry course.